Maumere.. a nice little sleepy town of Flores! The sea calm, it’s an off season with absolutely no tourist and its raining on patches.. an empty beach with a couple of Germans and an English couple roaming around! I don’t think I’ve ever had a vacation more filled with the quietness of solitude than this ūüôā

I sit by this calm sea, chilled beer and an amazing baked fish to pamper my tongue! I overhear this elderly English couple speaking about life, about travelling the world.. I go against my principle and overhear them, only to enrich myself and reinstate how little I still know about life!¬†And if I start writing here it will be a post that will make you lose your patience (if already it hasn’t ;)!

¬†I would rather end it with the words the old man just said: “this sea was blue when I came here 5 years back and today when I see it, it’s grey. Maybe the next time i come, I’ll get to see a different shade. But I still love keeping coming back to it. Just makes me realize¬†how much we learn to love something even though it has changed color, cause you realize it’s not the colour but the actual thing or the person that you love, and this teaches you to be patient in whomever or whatsoever you love. Its about how about keep adjusting your eyes so that it always sees the happiest colours”

Here’s the view we are drowned in at the moment!

Serenity thy name is Maumere!

It was a double surprise, when two fellow bloggers nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Gabby of militarymamasfarmhouse and Jess of  travelsofababy-vet , you girls took me by surprise  and Thank You for all the love you showered on my blog. A big Thank You for all the love.

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Fort Kochi is often overlooked in run of the mill Kerala trips or at max treated as a stopover while visiting the Munnars and Alleppys of Kerala. But Kerala has much more than beautiful backwaters or the lush green tea estates and Fort Kochi is one such gem of a charmer, a quaint little town tucked away from the busy city of Cochin.

With no specific agenda, we had headed to Kochi around the beginning of  the year on a weekend we had nothing else to do. Thankfully we did, and the love for the place took us back within a year itself. From what I’ve gathered exploring Fort Kochi, here are my two cents on the 5 best things to do to make the most of your visit.

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Travel Teaches: Patience

Travel teaches you things that probably no other experience in life does! One of the many things it taught me is PATIENCE!

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I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked “How do you manage to travel so much with a full time job?” or “Share tips on travelling with full time job” and all such.

To all these I smile and say, to make travel to happen all you need is enthusiasm and the true urge from inside and of course a few tricks to be a master in managing work and passion

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Day number two in New York and an afternoon to myself gives me the perfect opportunity to roam around the WTC with no such agenda in mind.

Needless to say that there’s this obvious excitement to see the WTC, one of the tallest man made structures whose tryst with the destiny shook the entire world. But as I approach the tower, the One¬†World Trade Center, there’s something else that catches my attention and draws me towards it – a giant square hole. And even without looking¬†at any information board next to it, you perfectly know what it is, for the innumerable names carved on the black stone around it and the occasional white roses on them and the blank stares of someone who lost someone on that day and the endless fall of water into the deep, unfathomable hole – all tell you the silent tales of the giant void that was left behind. It cruelly tells you of the helpless void that death leaves behind in its trail, where all the dreams you had just flow down, down into an oblivion, to such depths from where there’s no return. As a mere visitor who was miles away from the scene on that day, all that I could offer was my silence, and prayers.

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3and3quarters.net_.jpgThank you very much to Joe Travel Blogs for nominating me for this.  You have a neat and simple blog with lots of wonderful pictures from some of my dream destinations.

The Liebster award is a fun way to recognize blogs. The rules are quite simple:

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If you are a Foodie, Delhi is the place to BE!! It is paradise of varieties, with cuisines made for every taste. Whether it is Mughlai grandeur, street foods or cuisines around the world, Delhi is up for all. Each gully of Delhi has a story of gastronomic fame, offering the flavors of and a passion for food that has been shaped over centuries, pampered foodies like us for decades.Thank you dear friends Sibendu Das and Suman Nath for being my food guide. I have shared my favorites in this post from the trip. 


Delhi, I will come back over and over again to try newer tastes, undiscovered gullys and much more to pamper my taste Buds.


Start your day with Lamb : Cooked for over 12 hours in slow flame with lots of spices and goat leg-bones, nihari along with khameri roti is an amazing start to the day for a foodie. One of the best made Nihari is found in Karims, Opposite Gate no 1 of Jumma Masjid.


Mutton Korma @Khan Chacha at Caunnaught Place


Galuti Kebab @Rajindar Dhaba at Safdarjung Enclave


Chicken Satay @Rajindar Dhaba at Safdarjung Enclave



Kakori Kebab!! at Alkauser at Safdarjuncg Enclave.


Mutton Shammi Kebab @Al Jawahar Restaurant


Kashmiri Cuisine with fruit beer for lunch!! Yakni and Mirchi Korma it was!!


Shirmal – Sweetened Paranthas!!


Our Dinner Spread at Mughal Darbaar at JNU


Those in JNU swear by the food at Mughal Darbar!!

What we Tasted: Afghan Chicken, Mutton Sheek kebab, Mutton stew, Mutton Jahangiri

Parahthe Wale Gali is over hyped!! If you want to taste some of best Paranthas of Delhi, try the paratha stall just opposite Moolchand Metro Station!! 

Dried Chilli Pork Ribs @ Dilli Haat (The Nagaland Stall)


Go for the kebabs at Babu Bhai Kebab Wale, the blink-and-you-miss eatery near a small mosque on Matia Mahal Street on your way to Chitli Qabar ( the road straight down opposite Gate no.1 of Jumma Masjid ). Somewhere at your knee level you will find a man grilling these buffalo-meat kebabs. They are so soft that they have to be held together by tying a thread around, earning them the name moniker dora or sutli kebab.
Pork Momo @ Nagaland Stall at Dilli Haat



Mutton Burra Kebab @ Al Jawahar


Mutton Stew @Al Jawahar


Chicken Tikka Kebab @ Khan Chacha

Given the procrastinator I am, I never took the effort of clicking pics on DSLRs even when I was traveling to the exotic Ladakh or Kashmir. But I have always loved clicking and being clicked and done that in the easiest way possible, on my simple phone cameras, using the limited features it gives us!
I keep sharing my love for Himalayas through these photos and Sunday ended with a surprise with my photograph being selected as the #PicOfTheWeek in HIMALAYAN TALKIES:)

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Miles away from the hustle and bustle of the polluted city life, there is this little abode of Peace, ‚ÄúBABLI‚ÄĚ where nothing but silence speaks.

Situated around 12 kms away from Tagore’s Shantiniketan on Bolpur-Illambazar Road, Babli offers you a perfect rural experience where you will be once more convinced that Living is still possible without phone networks or social media humdrum.

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